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See what sensitive data is living in Zendesk

Generate a free report of the sensitive data (like PII, PHI, and credentials) that's in your Zendesk tickets, comments, and attachments.
Customers can send you anything via support channels. This includes PII, credit card information, credentials, and more. This can pose security risk like data leakage, and compliance risks around PCI, HIPAA, and more.
With our Zendesk scanner, scan your entire Zendesk support instance for sensitive data with Nightfall's detection engine.
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Step 1: Connect to Zendesk
Zendesk Subdomain

The part between https:// and .zendesk.com in the URL of your Zendesk instance.

Zendesk Username

The username or email address you use to login to Zendesk as an admin.

Zendesk Token

API key you create in your Zendesk settings. Navigate to https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.zendesk.com/agent/admin/api/settings to set one up. You can revoke this anytime.

Step 2: Your Email

We'll send your scan results here as a CSV attachment.

Step 3: Configure Detection

This step is optional, but recommended. If you leave it blank, Nightfall will use a default detection rule, scanning for likely Credit Card Numbers, US Social Security Numbers, and API Keys. Setting your own detection rule will allow you to leverage the full power of Nightfall best-in-class detection engine: customize your detection settings with over 100+ detectors (spanning PII, PHI, PCI, and much more), custom detectors, exclusion/content rules, and more.

Nightfall API Key

Create an API key on your Nightfall dashboard here.

Detection Rule

Your Detection Rule specifies what you want Nightfall to detect, for example credit card numbers. Create a Detection Rule on your Nightfall dashboard here and copy over it's UUID.

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Nightfall is the industry's first cloud-native data protection platform. Nightfall uses machine learning to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data like PII, PHI, and credentials. Nightfall both integrates natively with cloud apps like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira, as well as provides a set of REST APIs for embedding best-in-class content inspection technology anywhere.

The report is sent via email as a CSV export. The report shows exactly what types of sensitive data are found where in your Zendesk instance, so you can easily track it down. The fields included the item type (e.g. Ticket Comment or File Attachment), Zendesk ID, Zendesk permalink, the Detector (e.g. Credit Card Number), detection confidence (e.g. Very Likely), the character locations of the sensitive data, and more. The email will also contain a high level summary of the scan. Download a sample report here.

No, Nightfall does not retain your data. That is why this service sends results to you as a CSV attachment via email instead of a hosted dashboard. Once this email is sent to you, there is no retention on Nightfall's end about your Zendesk instance.

Yes, Nightfall scans both comments and file attachments. We cover common file types like plaintext, Office, PDF, images, ZIPs, and more.

Yes, we only output the first 50 sensitive findings in the report. Please email us to discuss outputting a full report and more of Nightfall's full platform capabilities.