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Name Credit Card
Randolph Little 3683-334245-4123
Dewey Ratke 3528-8452-3049-9076
Rosario Murphy 3529-4451-8166-1888
Kasha Friesen DO 3437-487837-75794
Deshawn Weissnat V 3583-6579-4967-8037
Marcos Goyette 3769-234895-54138
Luther Rempel 3528-4593-1711-0042
Josiah Frami 3491-576245-21819
Andres Ebert 3529-9946-3054-6919
Neomi Dickinson 3689-303345-3875

Support Ticket
Hi - I applied for an insurance policy online with my SSN 187-77-7191, however the app says an unexpected error occurred. I tried to pay with my credit card, the number is 5595-5974-3694-1111. Could you take a look on your end?

Code Snippet
import stripe
stripe.api_key = "sk_live_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dcTYooMQauvdEDq54NiTphI7jx"

  source="tok_amex", # obtained with Stripe.js
  description="Charge for"